MUN Mauritius

Message from Secretary-General

It is my utmost pleasure, to serve as the Secretary General of this 17th MUN. I am humbled by the prospect of bringing together over 800 students throughout the nation in order to engage in enlightening debate over the most pressing issues that face the international community today. The team has been working tirelessly over many months to create a conference that will promote constructive dialogue and exchange. As delegates engage in discussion and diplomacy on behalf of the countries they represent, their skills in researching, writing, negotiating, and public speaking will be put to test.

Our vision for this year is “Working for Cause, not for applause” with pure quality, hoping to fortify it in the ambits of MUN tradition. Conferences, today, are viewed in an individual light promoting self-growth and development in specific personal skill sets. Rarely do we appreciate the efforts of a leader who expands the scope of this activity to include collectivism and promotes different categories and their respective abilities to make the Society a proper holistic functional unit. I encourage participants to express their visions of the world in regards to the challenging political, economic and social contexts in which they develop as citizens, social actors and/or leaders.

These institutions – student-led, in varying capacities - Delegate, Press and Executive Board – a platform to showcase their collective strength and prove their mettle as an MUN Society par excellence.

Young people will lead by example and will be part of the global family by promoting the UN values and principles. On this note, I wish you all, a fruitful MUN.

Satyaveer .K. Gopychand
Secretary General
17th MUN Conference - 2013

Day 1

On Day-1, the MUNers were all present at the Mahatma Ghandhi Institute by 8 a.m, the doors of the auditorium were open to welcome all the participants. In the opening ceremony, Dr Vasant K. Bunwaree, the Honourable Minister of Education and Human Resources chief guest of the 17th Model United Nations Conference read his speech to a very attentive audience. This was followed by the speech of Mrs Asha Kannan, UNDP Economics Advisor. The Honourable Minister Dr Vasant K. Bunwaree had the honour to do the drawing of lots. The Solomon Islands were the first to read the country statement. Later on, all the heads of delegation read their country statement one by one. Meanwhile, the Security Council meetings had already begun. At the end of the day, everyone was tired but all of us, MUNers returned home with something new, that is diplomatic skills.

Day 3

After the two-day hefty conference comes the much awaited Day-3 – a day filled with enthusiasm as well as apprehension. It is undoubtedly true that Day-3 is the most memorable day for all. As we say ‘every beginning has an end’ and today the MUN conference will come to term. Delegated will give their best in the final Open Debate in order to obtain the maximum marks, while the press team will have worked under limited time constraints to submit a newsletter on this third day. As the closing ceremony approaches, a tense atmosphere will prevail when the names of the best delegates and the best delegation will be announced and obviously, some will be disappointed upon hearing the results. However, everyone will have definitely achieved something out of this 17th MUN conference and everybody will miss wonderful moments.

Message from Secretary-General of MUN 2012

Besides being very impressive and prestigious, the pathway from being a delegate to the Secretary General of the Model United Nations entails a lot of hard work, requires determination, assiduity and self-confidence.

I think that the SG of the present MUN will agree with me that the preparation of the conference is not the easiest part of it. Every minute detail has to be cared for; from the setting up of the General Assembly for the opening ceremony to the closing one, endless meetings with the organising committee, coordinating the work of everyone, and the list can go on and on!

MUN is a very important yearly event for high school students as throughout these three days, I have seen my delegates learning about the importance of respect, commitment and humility; they have acquired diplomatic as well as negotiating skills and above all, they became more conversant on world affairs. Moreover, this conference is a platform to build everlasting friendship ties. MUN is undeniably a ‘life-changing’ experience!

My favorite part of MUN was the Merging Day when I first met all my delegates maybe because I was curious to know how it feels to be at the Head of the Conference and because I was also impatient to embark my delegates upon a memorable journey! For me, a best delegate is someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, diplomatic, well researched, outspoken and confident.

Dear delegates of the 17th MUN, MUN is first of all a learning process, so don’t be afraid of committing mistakes as you learn from them! At the end of 3 days of intense debate, all of you will undergo a complete transformation from a college student to a responsible and mature global citizen. I will not divulge too much about the conference but instead, I shall let the magic of MUN operate! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the participants of the 17th Edition a fruitful MUN.

Long live the United Nations!

Heeramun Deeshay
Secretary General
16th MUN Conference - 2012